Saunders Web Solutions: Java/Spring or PHP/MySQL, Laravel,Zend Web Development

Web Development

Saunders Web Solutions is a web development consultancy providing solutions in PHP or Java for small to medium sized businesses. It's led by me, economist and musician Kevin Saunders, with a masters in e-commerce engineering.

I've been a web developer for the last 14 years and I've delivered over 60 sites. I have a track record of delivering over 60 large and small projects since 2001. I've solved complex and interesting problems for my clients with the code skills that I've built up through continuous learning.

I started out with pure Java and PHP and even developed my own frameworks for a while. Then, with the advent of advanced full stack frameworks in Java and PHP I moved across to these open source frameworks. I've developed sites in the Spring framework for Java and Laravel, Codeigniter and Zend frameworks for PHP

I've worked hard at developing good client relationships and have been lucky enough to work on some very interesting and advanced multi-media projects.

A selection of the sites I've been involved with in the last 12 months as a developer:


I've developed some examples of the code that I do to give potential clients an idea of the code that I can write.